I am driven by how good a good meal makes us feel. 

Growing up in a Jamaican household, I was always surrounded by parents and other family members pouring their hearts and souls into delicious dishes that had everyone coming back for more. Nothing was bland, everything was bold and bursting with flavor.

With everything I cook, no matter the cuisine, I strive for tastes and flavors that are unforgettable like my mother’s oxtail stew, my father’s fish and festival, my grandmother’s jerk pork, my aunt’s curry chicken, and so on (I could go on forever).

A good meal is powerful in that it makes us happy and makes us want to share that happiness with others. A good meal is powerful in that it can bring back memories of a different time and place. A good meal is powerful in that it can activate pleasure systems in our brains.

Let me cook you up some good meals.